New Year, New You, Farm Girl Is The Place To Be

New Year, New You, Farm Girl Is The Place To Be

Delighting many and scaring few, the new and first all-day restaurant has opened up between Kings Street and Fulham Road in Chelsea. Farm Girl is an overtly healthy restaurant raising the bar for all-day healthy eating.

The idyllic restaurant is an Instagram post waiting to happen with everything perfectly placed for a playful yet sophisticated post. With 2018 being the year of Veganism, 2019 is following the trend into the new year, perfect for those who are trying to watch what they are eating or those who are dipping their toes into veganism as a new year, new me scenario.

Photo credit: Farm Girl

Drenched in healthy nutritional nourishing ingredients, the menu is filled with rainbow vegetables and exotic meat-free alternatives that you would never have in your cupboards at home. With a sprinkle of chia seeds, a dusting of coconut shavings and a big dollop of egg-free mayo, the essence of every meal is all in the details. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening beverages, the charming eatery offers organic wines to pair with your meal, or if you fancy something a little more energising, they even have superfood smoothies.


Photo credit: Food Expectations

Photo credit: Farm Girl

Catering to all, you will find more signs such as GF (gluten free), DF (dairy free), and V (vegan) next to the majority of the items on the menu. Offering a distinctive range of meals to those who may not be able to what most places offer. Giving you the chance to finally sit down somewhere which supplies more than two options for the vegans whilst also showing others than eating free-from meals doesn't always have to be so scary.

Photo credit: Country Life
Photo credit: The Handbook

The interior design brought to you by Beata Heuman is a delightful treat for your eyes. With no expense spared the attention to detail is enough to go see even if you just pop in for a charcoal coffee. When you step inside, your eyes will be met by wall recessed archways with beaming Hollywood exposed bulbs and pristine tiled walls. Taking inspiration from American and Australian dining, there's a mix of booth style sofa seating, refined velvet seats, and luxe cafe chairs. Without a doubt, you could easily say that this place is incandescent with character.

Photo credit: Farm Girl

So if you're wondering around London and looking for somewhere to not only tickle your taste buds but excite your eyes too, then pop down into Chelsea and see this place for yourself. 

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